The Retail Hive Live: Innovation & Collaboration in Retail, London

25 September, 2018

This Retail Hive meeting is held at the Skyloft and will provide members with insight into innovations on the horizon and the way in which the retail world is being transformed by new technologies and responding to the digital age.

Innovation in retail is gathering pace rapidly with players large and small investing in ground-breaking technology. Virtual and augmented reality, AI, IoT, robots, wearables, 3D printing, drones, mobile wallets, visual search, apps and GPS technology are transforming aspects of the retail experience; from ordering, payment and product interaction through to fulfilment and returns.

Collaboration is another area that retailers are looking at to improve the customer journey and offer an experience that’s truly unique and personalised. We’re seeing some great examples of this with partnerships between leading tech firms and forward-thinking retailers who believe that by working together they can offer customers even more.

Tailored for CEOs, COOs, Digital Directors, Heads of Innovation, Heads of eCommerce & Omnichannel, Heads of CX/UX, this event is a great opportunity for our industry to celebrate the successes and spread the knowledge on how examples of leading-edge innovations came to life, and help bring more to the fore! 

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